Brown Bear Lapel Pin for Weddings by Knotted and Bent. Lapel Pin for Suits. Lapel Pin for Animal Lovers.

Brown Bear Lapel Pin for Weddings and Gifts

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The Brown Bear Lapel Pin is a daring accessory for a forest themed weddings, woodland weddings or just for fun. Look at the expression on his face. Do you know anyone that has this personality? Sure, we all do. Chanel your inner bear with this fun lapel pin for suits and jackets.

People that May Love This Accessory:

  • People That Love to Hunt
  • Non-Tradition Brides and Grooms
  • Men and Women That Love Fashion Accessories
  • Animal Lovers
  • Motorcyclist
  • Men and Women That Enjoy Camping and/or Hiking
  • College Students That Have a Bear As Their Mascot


The lapel pins are approximately 3.5" long. 


The bear is a handcrafted ceramic Peruvian bead. Each lapel pin is different and may vary slightly. The bear design is approximately 1 inch. *There is a hole drilled through the side. View images for details.